Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barrack Obama, will there a change?

Yesterday, November 5th 2008, senator Barrack Obama of Illinois, have been declared as a new president of the United State of America. I’m sure that this date would be gazetted as important moment in history, because, it’s not a normal victory in US President election, it’s resemble a lot of things and was an indicator of new era, which will sketch a new political map, a change that has been waited not only by Americans, but also most of the resident of this globe.

‘Change, we need!’ Is Obama slogan for his campaign, which has attracted a lot of people’s attention, the agenda of change he promised the world has lead him to white house today. Yes, peoples on America and throughout the world are waited for change on this big country, a change to make life better, better in economy, better on policy, all these are now put on Obama shoulder as now he grabbed the power in his hand.

Since George W. Bush was choose as a president of the United State of America, a lot of policy he made has bringing damage not only to his country, but also the world. After the attack on September 11th, he declared a war of new millenium, a war against terrorism, which is a passport for him to invade innocent country by telling that this country feed terrorist, this country develop Mass Weapon of Destruction (MWD), thousands of innocent has been killed, a lot of public facilities on Iraq which has been destroyed during invasion was totally lost, increase in killing among Sunni and shiah on Iraq, now who is actually a terrorist?

People know the answer already. And peoples of America have given the answer when Democrat parties win congress election, as early sign to President Bush. A big drop on USD valued and America economy has cause main financial institution at America and European countries bankrupted, this economic crisis have forces America government to bail out these banks, is another indicator on the loose of Republican on this election. One interesting fact here is, America government borrow 1.5 billion USD per day, but they bail out these banks with 700 billion USD, where the money come from? I also do not know.

As expected, Obama win this battle with big majority, and of course, first thing he must did is move out all America troops from countries which have been invaded. But this victory not only for that mean, Obama victory also has placed him as first US president came from black people, which is a minority in America, is it a sign of racism is getting lighter in America? An interesting thing I have been observed through this election, however, coming from a group of minority would make him understand better situation on other small countries and east block of this world.

It is the fact that, Obamas father is originated from Kenya, and also a Muslim, Obama full name is Barrack Hussein Obama, he also used to lived at Indonesia, during his teen age, and with all this background, people are put a hope on Obama, hoping that he will understand better, better than any others US president because, because most of US President was not understand other countries very well, especially on east part, understanding will be interpreted through action on these countries, just like Tun Dr. Mahathir said. In his plan, Obama also view Asia as potential in economy, trade, and peace, which is a good sign for Asia countries.

Obama has gone through a tough challenge to accomplish what he grabbed today. Start with a fight with Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady of America. This battle to choose President candidate from Democrat, has been recorded as longest battle, and it’s end with Hillary surrender to Obama, after most states choose Obama as candidate, Hillary then ask to her supporter to regroup with Obama group, and unite as one party, to face John McCain from Republican in real US President election, Bill Clinton, also endorsed his support to Obama.

There is many reason why Obama win this election, one of the reasons are the Muslim in America, based on history, Muslim at America are loyalty voter for Republican, this is because, Democrat are well known as a parties that extreme in democracy ideology, fight for an equality in every aspect, Democrat permits marriage of equal sex, equalities in man and woman, and also of course, equality in races, in America scope, equality between white, black, and Asian immigrants, that is the reason two Democrat candidate for President was a black, means Obama, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, a woman, it’s represent parties principle, if Clinton win the game, she will became first woman entitle with President of United State of America.

On opposite site, Republican is a party full with people with political background family, just like George W. Bush, son of President George Bush. However in this election, Muslim on America make a big turn, by choose Obama, most is because, Bush policy on Iraq and other Islamic country, plus economy crisis.

Regarding economy crisis, I was once discuss with my friend at University of Florida, US, named Jonathan Bull, same age as me, now on third year at University of Florida, he was vice president of Muslim Student Association (MSA), he said that Republican was the one that cause the crisis, they keep the market going, and he also said, if Obama doesn’t won this election, ‘we (American people) screwed’, however the crisis now wasn’t as big as on 1929, where 1/3 banks at America was bankrupted, he also agreed that real main cause of this crisis is capitalism devil, keep rolling money out there, and now is the time for Islamic banking rise, replace capitalism system.

Whatever the cost, whatever the deal, right now Barrack Obama is a new president of the United States of America, and what he will bring to American and other people over this globe, is something that is nobody known, even big hope on peace bringing him up there, is the effect will be felt by everyone? Only Allah known, and what is Obama stand on Palestine issues, is something I’m would mark as important policy, I never put a big hope on this issues, because based on history, any US president who do not show loyalty to Israel are killed on the road, JFK as example. Still, the changed he promised are the main agenda, Americans are waiting for change, people on other countries are waiting, and I’m also waiting...

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